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    Please review this notice with links below for reference.

    Right off the Southern tip of the project on SH 99, TxDOT BMT is coordinating schedules and lane closures with TxDOT SE Harris Area Office who has started a major maintenance contract per the linked documents.

    July 16-18, NB was closed to accomplish some re-situating of traffic. This weekend (July 23-25), SB will be closed to do the same. Beginning Monday morning (July 26) at 5:00AM, ALL traffic will be on the NB side of the Fred Hartman bridge.

    Projected time frame: On July 26, traffic will open to a reduced contraflow pattern and remain for the duration of the project, about two months.

    The Traffic Advisory from the SH 99 project easily depicts the closure of the WB-SB direct connector during this same time frame.  This project is part of the above referenced project, as well as some additional work TxDOT BMT is expediting on the SH 99 project.


    Fred Hartman Bridge Closure 2021

    SH 146 - NB Detour Map

    SH 146 - SB Detour Map

    SH 146 - Contraflow Exhibit

    Traffic Advisory - Ramp Closures on Bus. 146 and SH 146 Baytown